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We Breed With 100 Percent Boer Bucks Only

Bell Family Farm is located in Germantown, Ohio . We are a family operation that includes me (Adrianne Bell), my husband Rod, and our kids Nicole and Brian, Megan, our grandson Blaine,  and granddaughter Riley.

We have raised polled Herefords for the last fifteen years. Through a 4-H project three years ago we also became interested in South African Boer Goats and Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We raise 100% Fullblood Boer Goats, and registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Our goal for our Boer Goats and Nigerian Dwarf goats are to produce show quality kids and excellent seed stock.


South African Boer Goats
South African Boer Goats
Please check our Boer Goats For Sale page if you are considering an addition to your herd, or for a show wether for 4H. Our foundation herd has been built with purchases from Able Acres, Crawsfordsville, Indiana and Lewis Creek Boer Goats in Shelbyville, Indiana. Our Boer Goats are based with direct daughters and granddaughters of Mojo Magic "Ennobled" - Eggsfile "Ennobled" - Powell/Holman Bingo "Ennobled" - T4 Kimo Savi - and Bingos Classic Thriller. Please check our South African Boer Goats For Sale page frequently for updates. We offer herd sire service, and our proud members of the American Boer Goat Association and International Boer Goat Association.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Our Nigerian Dwarf herd are show, milking, and companion quality. We strive to accomplish stock that is correct in confirmation with a good mammary system.

We purchased our foundation stock from Black Locust Farm in North Central Ohio. Our Nigerian Goat herd is based upon genetics from Promisedland Comanche - Promised land Swiss Miss - Promisedland Jackpot - and Pine Pods Spanky. Please check our Nigerian Goats For Sale page for information on availability. We are fortunate to have several "blue eyed" does in our herd that have passed on that unique trait to their offspring. We offer herd sire service from our outstanding herd sire Promisedland Conner. We are proud members of the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association, and the American Dairy Goat Association.

Goats For Sale

Our site is a great place to find Boer Goats for Sale in Ohio. We are close enough to the following states to sell our goats: Ohio, Eastern Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, Virginia and Northern Tennessee. So, if you are looking for Nigerian Dwarf Goats for sale in Ohio (or any of those other states), please contact us.


Contact Us

Call, fill out our contact form or e-mail us about with questions you might have about our Boer Goats or Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Please consider Bell Family Farm in your next purchase of quality Boer Goats and Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Please take a look at our farm on Facebook.




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Bell Farm

Adrianne and Rod Bell
Germantown, OH

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